Audrina To Get Her Own Reality Show

March 18, 2009 By:
Audrina To Get Her Own Reality Show

With The Hills probably being in its last season, we’re all wondering what’s going to happen to Lauren and the gang? But Audrina Patridge is all set! She just signed a deal with Mark Burnett Productions, who are developing a new series that will follow her personal and professional life.

Burnett said in a statement, "We are truly pleased to have the chance to work with Audrina. She has already proved her star quality, and we can't wait to show her fans worldwide the next stage of her life and career."

MTV won’t admit that The Hills is slowly losing steam either. They say, "We cannot confirm a sixth season at this time. However, The Hills will continue as long as there are stories to tell, and as of now we don't see an end in sight."

The Hills are slowly losing characters one by one! And although Audrina is a major part of the show, we just can’t imagine her having one of her own! Burnett will start pitching Audrina’s show next week to different networks. So we may be seeing Audrina on a channel other than MTV!