Audrina Patridge Robbed

February 24, 2009 By:
Audrina Patridge Robbed

In this economy, you’d better be triple bolt locking your doors, because robberies are up! Even D-list reality stars are getting burglarized, like Audrina Patridge. Her home was broken into on Sunday while she was out.

"I had a really rough day today - I got home late last night and realized that my house had been robbed," she blogged on Monday. "It was pretty devastating!"

"I spent most of the morning filling out police reports and going through the house room by room making lists of everything that had been taken," she went on.

"Most of the items are replaceable, but they took off with a few very sentimental things too. Definitely not a good way to start the week."

But luckily Audrina has cameras in her house, and hopes to find out who stole all her loot. She says, “I'm going to be posting shortly surveillance footage of the intruders with pretty clear shots of their faces.”

Smart girl! Imagine if it’s someone she knows? That would make quite the episode of The Hills! Good thing she wasn’t home at the time of the invasion.