Audrina Patridge Denies Sleeping with "Animal" Brody

April 24, 2009 By:
Audrina Patridge Denies Sleeping with

The Hills cutie Audrina Patridge has taken to her Myspace Celebrity Blog to clear up the rumor that she slept with Brody Jenner. She wants everyone to know that she adopts animals, she doesn't sleep with them. Ouch!

In a blog entitled, A little message for all the haters...., Audrina wrote:

"I never slept with Brody, even with the green light from Lauren.. I don't do sloppy seconds! =) Come on people keep in mind, it's a television show.. meant for entertainment! So be entertained don't try to judge and analyze everyone it's so rude. Go out and make some drama of your own and live a fun life!

"Come on Ladies, you should all know this is a chick rule! you DO NOT TOUCH your friends exes no matter how much they convince you it's okay. It goes without saying.

"k that's all i have to say to all the rude comments you ladies have been leaving calling me a whore etc. I learned my lesson with Justin, No offense to Brody but I believe in Adopting animals, not sleeping with them!"

So she basically confessed that the show's producers staged the entire thing just "for entertainment." Brody seems like he's over the show as much as Lauren Conrad is. Are you guys over The Hills and all their fake plot lines too? Or is it still the show you hate to love?