Audrina Patridge- After The Hills

April 16, 2009 By:
Audrina Patridge- After The Hills

The Hills has been a ratings powerhouse for the past few years, however with the upcoming departure of Lauren Conrad, what's next for the cast?

Hollyscoop spoke to Audrina Patridge at the Into the Blue 2: The Reef DVD Premiere Party poolside at the Beverly Hilton where she opened up about her future. "I am doing my own reality show with Mark Burnett, I'm so excited, Ya know we shopped it around this past week and last week and we'll have an announcement soon," Audrina excitedly told Hollyscoop.

So what can we expect from her show? "Its basically my journey after the hills and its gonna be a little more spicier edgier and older. I may or may not be living in LA."

Although Audrina hasn't made an official announcement about the home of her reality TV project, she explained that it was definitely time to move on from The Hills, "You know I really felt like its ran its course and your ready to move on."

Venturing from one reality show to the next could be a bit risky as was the case with Whitney Port of The City. However, Audrina is pretty confident that with a solid home base all will be good. "Although I do sometimes want privacy when I am sick or don’t feel good, but that’s kinda when I just go back to my parents house where I will just stay in and not go out," Audrina says.

Soon enough the Orange County native will have even less privacy as her reality show is already creating buzz around town.