Aubrey O'Day Is a Lesbian

December 8, 2008 By:
Aubrey O'Day Is a Lesbian

Is Aubrey O'Day bating for other team? Now that being a lesbian has become a trend (thanks Lindsay), Aubrey figured she would hop on the bandwagon and become one for a few weeks.

The PR hungry ex-reality show star/singer showed up to the launch of the NASCAR SPRINT party at Marquee with a woman she introduced as "my girlfriend," reports Page Six.

When asked about the budding romance, O'Day said she was making a statement against California's Prop 8, which banned gay marriages back in November.

She added that she doesn't want to marry her new "girlfriend" because they "don't need a piece of paper to validate our relationship," but did confess that her dog Ginger was "also a lesbian."

Since she was making a statement about an issue she's passionate about, we'll cut her some slack this time. But if we start hearing rumors of her trying to hit on Samantha Ronson, she'll never hear the end of it.

Photo credit is Marion Curtis