Aubrey O'Day and Pia Toscano Talk 'Wrecking Ball' and Collaboration

April 25, 2012 By:
Aubrey O'Day and Pia Toscano Talk 'Wrecking Ball' and Collaboration

Aubrey O’Day and Pia Toscano may seem like a random pairing – Aubrey O’Day, the fiery headed “Celebrity Apprentice" star and Pia Toscano, American Idol’s former wonderkid - but these two songstresses team up on Aubrey’s newest single “Wrecking Ball” because Pia wrote the track.

“You know it was written by Pia,” Aubrey tells us at the Star Magazine “All Hollywood” event Tuesday night.

Pia tells us what it was like writing a song for Aubrey, “It was a song that I wrote a few months back about a situation I was going through. I was so excited to hear that Aubrey was cutting it and releasing it. I've looked up to Aubrey forever.”

Aubrey premiered the song on Monday night and made an appearance on Jay Leno to promote the new single.

“Wrecking Ball” is a far cry from the hair-flipping, stiletto-stomping fare like the kind of stuff that Aubrey was known for with “Danity Kane.”
This new song channels more of a mid-tempo ballad a ‘la Kelly Clarkson.

Will “Wrecking Ball” be the start of many collaborations for these two girls?

“Maybe, totally, we should totally do a collaboration,” says Aubrey.

Aubrey performed the song on Jay Leno and jokes with Pia, “Didn’t you like it, we sang it on Jay Leno and it was fierce.”

“Wrecking Ball” was also co-produced and co-written by David Hodges and Steven Miller.

While we wait for that anticipated collabo-track that sees both of them on vocals, Pia is working on her next solo album.

“Yes, I’ve been working really hard on my record and I’m so happy that Aubrey is singing one of my songs. I’m honored that she’s covering one of my songs,” says Pia. “I’m recording my own record and its almost done, should be done by the summer and I’m excited about that. I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into it.”