Attention All You Stalkarazzi's:

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Attention All You Stalkarazzi\'s:

Attention all you star fuckers: You can now stalk all your favorite stars with half the work...aint that grand? From our friends at Us Weekly:

"In the name of privacy and completely invading it comes Gawker Stalker Maps! Brought to you from, the site has people send in celebrity sightings which are then posted immediately on a map. So basically, if you have no shame or conscience whatsoever, you can pinpoint the location of a celeb and then go follow them around like a lovestruck teenager. Launched this morning, the site already has uber-publicists like Ken Sunshine and Leslie Sloane-Zelnick (“Spinderella”!) tearing off their headsets and breaking their clipboards across their knees in fury. We’re predicting this is going to turn into mobs of people chasing after celebs like Sly Stallone running up the stairs in Rocky. Not that anyone’s going to be running after Stallone, but you get where we’re going with this."

Gawker Stalker Maps

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