April 2011 Horoscope--What's In the Stars for You?

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April 2011 Horoscope--What's In the Stars for You?

Spring is great. It’s like waking up from a three-hour long hangover nap and celebrating with a mimosa.

Everything just seems better in spring; you leave the cold, winter headaches behind and carelessly embrace the sunbeams. And who cares about sunscreen? Just wait for a microdermabrasion Groupon to hit your mailbox next fall.

Hollyscoop asked celebrity astrologer Terry Nazon what April has in store for everyone. Here’s what your month is looking like, my fellow sun-soakers.

ARIES: Ah, the fiery sign of Lady Gaga. This month, the “new you” will blossom alongside the flowers, shine under the sun. It’s not that you’re trying to impress others; you really do want to be a new person, every day. Aries will go the distance to assert their individuality and make a name for themselves, even if that means dressing up in meat. Still, it’s oh so hard to forget the past and, specifically, a past love. Let go of that bad romance! You can’t have ‘em all.

TAURUS: You’re all about being the comeback kid this month. Along with fellow Taurus Chris Brown, you’ll find it easier to shake off your “bad girl” or “bad boy” rep, with the help of the right people. Take a cue from Taurus Tina Fey—laugh it off and move on. Don’t let your insecurities show, and don’t let them see you sweat. No one likes pit stains.

GEMINI: This month is going to leave you wondering how to extract your foot from your mouth. Well, like Gemini Kanye West, you can indulge your embarrassment by doing so much rambling and tweeting, people are too confused to remember or care about what happened in the first place. On the other hand, if you’re in love, or trying to be, keep your trap shut. Someone wants you back, bad boy or bad girl that you are. So please, Mr. West, no more today.

CANCER: Home is wherever you decide to make it, and family is the people you love, regardless of DNA. This month will leave you feeling like you just want to go home and have everyone love you again. But publicizing your dysfunctional relationships won’t win you points. Hear that, David Hasselhoff? Life changes, and there are other more powerful types who want you, anyway. Go where you’re wanted.

LEO: Leo rewrites the story again, as a twist of fate turns the spotlight squarely on them. Could this create some rivalry with your other half? Remember your role in your relationship, Leo. If your significant other gets more attention than you do, like fellow Leos Bill Clinton and Ben Affleck, it’s easy to forget how to be supportive.

VIRGO: You can always find a Virgo behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings, like Virgo Todd Palin. You’ve honed your skills into a marketable craft, and everyone wants you to work for them. Step out of the background and into the spotlight. If you don’t, you’ll end up drinking far too much, just like Virgo Amy Winehouse. So put the eyeliner away and take charge!

LIBRA: Big changes await you. Just like Libra Simon Cowell, many Libras recently stepped out of their comfort zones and fearlessly embarked on new endeavors. It’s a test of fate, but if you learn from the past, you’ll be successful again. Just don’t be too daring like our other Virgo, Hugh Jackman, who seems to have hit a wall. Not-so-Happy Feet?

SCORPIO: You live to love, and you love deeply. Take Scarlett Johansson, who knows instantly when it feels right and when it feels wrong, again and again. Could you be ready to try again and fall in love with yet another soul mate? Your mate is closer than you think—he or she could be your coworker. Keep an eye on Scorpio Ryan Gosling, he might be making Olivia Wilde official!

SAGITTARIUS: You’re looking for that lovin’ feeling, and trying to get it back, but the harsh truth is, sh-t happens, and love is work! Sagittarius Jay Z isn’t any different. Perhaps he’s the one trying to get Beyonce to put a ring on it! The good news is, getting the object of your desire to agree to do things your way won’t require too much work. Like Sagittarius Britney Spears, love comes easier now…tantrum not necessary.

CAPRICORN: You’re a classic jack-of-all-trades, Capricorn, and that can sometimes leave you wondering if you’ve got too much going on. But you can do it all! In April, people realize that you aren’t going anywhere. Like Cappie Ryan Seacrest, you’ll be around forever. Seacrest really is the next Dick Clark! Bank on your past efforts, and ride the wave to the top again and again. Thank god for American Idol.

AQUARIUS: You’re known for living for your one true love, but if that love is gone, you’ve got to move on. (Ahem, Aquarius Jennifer Aniston). This month, a light bulb goes off, and you realize you can’t save the sexy for someone who’s never coming back. That light bulb looks and feels like fellow Aquarius Christian Bale, and you can’t resist. Just don’t walk in front of any cameras. What are you, a f-cking amateur?

PISCES: With all the attention you’re getting from the opposite sex, you must feel like fellow Pisces Justin Bieber. This month, you’ll shed your cocoons and play the field. That’s the genius of Pisces; they can morph from brainiac, like Pisces Dakota Fanning, to a sizzling siren overnight. This month will mark your transformation.

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