'Two And A Half Men' Costar Reveals: We Party In Ashton's Trailer!

March 13, 2012 By:
'Two And A Half Men' Costar Reveals: We Party In Ashton's Trailer!

Have you seen that trailer? Of course there are parties going on in there. That trailer was meant to be partied in.

Ashton Kutcher joined the cast of Two And A Half Men in Season 9, and his costars thoroughly enjoyed his company. The actor made quite the splash before filming even started, by showing up to the set with a massive trailer that looked more like a shopping mall than a vehicle.

Hollyscoop caught up with Two And A Half Men star Conchata Ferrell, who plays Berta, at the ‘Two And A Half Men PaleyFest 2012’ event, and she revealed that the trailer is often used for partying.

Ferrell told Hollyscoop, “The chemistry is good! We like each other. We laugh a lot, we work hard…” then she told us that Ashton opens up his “wonderful” trailer on Friday nights and they all party in it, drinks included.

Did Charlie Sheen do that?

“Well, Charlie had a big bus,” Conchata told us. “Charlie WAS the party.”

God love him. Ferrell also told us, “I miss Charlie. My character was really hooked into Charlie.”

Lee Aronsohn, the executive producer of the show, confirmed that Charlie Sheen was sometimes too much of a party. Aronsohn revealed that checking TMZ became a daily morning task for determining how their day would be.

“It was certainly on the agenda every day…what’s going on [with Charlie],” Aronsohn told us.

Holland Taylor, who plays Evelyn Harper on the show, explained the transition from Charlie to Ashton.