The 'Two and a Half Men' Curse Hits Ashton Kutcher

November 18, 2011 By:
The 'Two and a Half Men' Curse Hits Ashton Kutcher

Before he replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, life was going relatively smoothly for Ashton Kutcher. He was living just below the radar, his Twitter presence made him buzzworthy, and he had a hot wife.

Season 9 of Two and a Half Men premiered, and everything changed. While the show remains highly rated, critics weren't too thrilled with his character, Walden Schmidt. TV critic Tim Goodman said: "I couldn't quite figure out if Kutcher was going for vacant, naïve, nerdy or astonishingly dumb (for a character who is a billionaire), because I'll never watch this show by choice again."

Then, soon after the first episode of the season aired, Ashton's cheating scandal was revealed. The first one, in 2010, seemed to blow over relatively quickly, with the public blowing off his accuser as a fame whore after she released her own sex tape. But Ashton's cheating scandal during his time on Two and a Half Men lasted a little longer.

There were also photographs, and Sara Leal, his accuser, gave a disgustingly detailed interview. But finally, the scandal blew over. Unfortunately, Ashton's bad luck didn't end. He made a Twitter faux-pas, and then--oh yeah, his wife left him.

One can't help but wonder, if Ashton were never recruited for the show, would all this have happened? Is it time to start blaming all his bad fortune on a Two and a Half Men curse? Of course it is. And here's some evidence.


Number one. Jon Cryer's ex-wife tried to kill him. How's that for bad luck?

There was apparently a custody battle between Sarah Trigger and Cryer, and Trigger's lawyer claimed that Sarah was going to have her boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, kill Cryer and her other estranged husband, David Dickey.

The lawyer became a little concerned. He must be a fan of the show. Anyway, he notified the lawyers for Cryer and Dickey. Legal documents read:

“Mr. Sanchez not only flatly denied making such a statement, but he said that it was [Sarah Trigger] who had contacted him on numerous occasions, stating that she wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead, and even asking Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the pair, or if he would not, inquiring whether she could speak with Mr. Sanchez’s father about this issue.” Warner Bros. security was placed on high alert and for a while, Two and a Half Men was not filmed in front of a live audience.


And then, of course, there's the psychotic hurricane that was Charlie Sheen. Where do we even start with this one? After his hotel meltdown, Sheen was placed in "rehab", and it was all downhill from there. Sheen took some time off to really go full-blown crazy, and then the public turned on him. At first, he's neurosis was cute. But we soon had our fill, and by the time Sheen's Korner came out, we just plain weren't interested. His wife left him, and his kids were taken away. To make his life even more like a country song, his dog also died.

Then, Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men. Life turned around, almost immediately. Not only did he not have to go to work, he still got a huge (probably) payday from them, when Warner Bros. settled his $100 million lawsuit out of court. He and Brooke Mueller reunited, he got to see his kids again, and he even got a new television show. Probably got a new dog, too.

So there you have it, three men whose lives were turned upside down while starring on Two and a Half Men. Coincidence or curse?