MTV Reviving Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd Show

December 19, 2011 By:
MTV Reviving Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd Show

Celebrities, watch your backs. Ashton Kutcher is reviving ‘Punk’d’. It would be so awesome if this whole Demi Moore divorce thing was just a massive prank on all of us.

MTV has officially announced the return of the hit prank show, Punk’d, which was once hosted by none other than Ashton Kutcher. While the Two and a Half Men star will return as executive producer, there’s no word on who will be doing the punking. It was originally reported that Justin Bieber would take the reigns, but there’s been no official update.

Back in August, Bieber reportedly pulled a prank on country star Taylor Swift. Sources didn’t reveal exactly what the prank was, but according to Access Hollywood, it’ll be aired on the show’s first comeback episode. Taylor Swift is so nice, I’ll be surprised if Beiber pulls that prank off. They probably do everything to try and piss her off and she’s just like, “Oh, no, that’s fine. I’ll just take my aggressions out on you later in a scathing song. K Love you bye!”

Punk’d first launched back in 2003 and has been on hiatus after its season finale May 2007. That’s a pretty long hiatus.

MTV will officially announce the shows host during its New Year’s Eve party live telecast next week. Demi Lovato and MTV’s Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey will host the holiday special with musical performances by Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, J Cole, Jason Derulo, and Mac Miller from MTV’s Times Square studio.

Kutcher addressed the rumors of Punk’d returning early this year, saying: "I really can't talk about it because everything's sort of in process. It's a possibility that it could be happening. I will not be hosting the show in the future. People were afraid I was going to punk them wherever I went and I'm starting to get invited to stuff again and it's actually a good thing. I'll be involved in some capacity if we do it and there could be a new host but I can't say a whole lot."

When asked about Bieber taking over, Kutcher said: “He's a nice kid and he's a funny kid - and people don't know he's a funny kid yet... and he's sneaky. And I like sneaky people."

I bet you do, Ashton. I bet you do.