How Much Will Ashton and Demi's Divorce Cost?

November 18, 2011 By:
How Much Will Ashton and Demi's Divorce Cost?

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s fighting was instense. That makes sense, seeing as how they decided to get divorced and all.

Demi announced on Thursday that she made the decision to split from husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher. It seemed like they were going to work things out, but apparently, things were actually getting worse.

"Ashton is unhappy, [Demi]'s unhappy," a source tells People. "It just got to a point where they had to end it."

Problems existed in their relationship for a while, with Ashton's infidelities making headlines. But according to the source, there were problems that went even beyond that. I don’t know how much worse it can get than banging a 23 year-old on your anniversary, though.

"The fighting could get pretty intense," another source revealed. "Whatever counseling they did was fine for a quick fix but could not get to the heart of the problem."

In an interview with Men's Health, Ashton recently said: " I would just like a woman someday, somewhere, at some point in my life to say to me, 'You're a great listener.' Haven't heard it yet ... but I'm going to work on it." Probably hasn't heard it because he's trying to "listen" from their vaginas. That's not where words come out of, Ashton.

And just for fun, in a rapid fire Q&A with Kutcher, the mag asked the following, and here's how he responded:

Curves or muscles? Curves.

Makeup or au naturel? Au naturel.

Heels or sneakers? Depends on the occasion.

Night at home or out on the town? Night at home.

That was fun!

Meanwhile, with the looming divorce, the two are likely wondering how they'll divvy up their assets. If there's no prenup, and the divorce is filed in California, the couple can expect to split everything down the middle.

Demi Moore is obviously a film icon. You can tell because at the movie theater, they have her painted on the wall next to the concession stand. But despite her status in Hollywood, Ashton might actually be the breadwinner.

Dorothy Pomerantz, L.A. Buereau Chief of Forbes, says: "As painful as this is to say, Ashton has great earning potential from here on out, and Demi Moore does not. Because of Two and a Half Men, he is earning close to $700,000 an episode, and if his show goes into syndication he will earn more from that. Having a hit show gives you amazing earning potential."

According to Forbes, Kutcher has made about $7 million so far from Two and a Half Men. Add another $2 million from his movies, a million from his restaurants, and another million from That 70s Show reruns, and the boy is banking. Moore, on the other hand, made close to $5 million this year.

"Maybe we are going to see her build back up her portfolio, but it's hard for women at her age [Moore turned 49 a week ago], there's just no way around that," Pomerantz says.

But let's face it, she's not exactly going to be filing for unemployment.