Demi Moore Makes Ashton Pay for Cheating

March 7, 2013 By:
Demi Moore Makes Ashton Pay for Cheating

Demi Moore is going after ex-husband/walking fedora Ashton Kutcher in the form of spousal support and attorney fees.

Here's the timeline of their latest romantic courting...court proceedings, that is: Demi and Ashton split over a year ago, Ashton filed for divorce about nine months ago, they both put on brave faces and posed for pics at President Obama's inauguration party in January, then Demi just got around to responding to his paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court today, she put on a pair of shades, exited the building, dark clouds rolled and all the roses in LA wilted in her path.

She cited "irreconcilable differences" because being cheated on is pretty irreconcilable in her and most people's minds. But she's also seeking that Ashton open up his wallet over those differences that ended their six-year marriage.

Naturally everyone's kind of hating on Demi for this legal move or making digs at her bank account in the comments sections of this story across the net. "Why can't she just leave Ashton alone? Desperate!" "She's such a gold digger." "She hasn't done anything in twenty years, is she in the dumps?" "Demi is pulling a Kris Humphries!"

Sounds like a lot of misguided anger being put on the victim of this divorce. After all it was Ashton that cheated on Demi. Making him pay, literally, for his mistake. Not to mention he didn't really have much of a career until they got together. $24 million a year payday for "Two and a Half Men," anyone? The hot topic is that "spousal support" detail. Sounds like Demi wants Ashton to pay—and keep paying—for his philandering.

Hollyscoop has reached out to both Demi and Ashton's reps, but neither have commented yet.