Ashton Kutcher Throws Party for TAHM Staff

August 9, 2011 By:
Ashton Kutcher Throws Party for TAHM Staff

After the first day of shooting for Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher threw a surprise “first day party” for the entire staff after shooting wrapped on Friday.

Ashton and TAHM cast and crew took over the back room of the Troubadour and Kutcher and wife Demi Moore were buying drinks for everyone.

I’m sure that’s a complete 180 from Charlie’s antics, who probably referred to the staff as “Trolls” and then tried to inject them with Tiger’s blood.

Rumor is that there are some crew members who were actually friends with Charlie Sheen (apparently there were some goddesses on the crew we weren’t aware of) who resent Ashton Kutcher for replacing Charlie.

Word is Ashton was trying to win over these staffers by throwing this impromptu party. I guess it worked as an insider has told US Magazine that “Everybody is loving Ashton on the set. He’s really coming off like a cool low maintenance guy, and with everything that went down with Charlie everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.”

“He jokes with the crew, has no tantrums, he comes in well studied in his lines – it’s such a nice change. So far there have been no issues and everyone is really happy with how it’s working out.”

Honestly, compared to Charlie Sheen, anything is better. They could have taught a gorilla how to act and it would have been a more cohesive working environment than with Sheen.

The source adds this one last dig, “Nobody is missing Charlie right now.”


Adding insult to injury, the first episode of TAHM will be Charlie’s funeral and since that was the scene they filmed on Friday night, the Kutcher sponsored after party was inadvertently celebrating Charlie’s “death.”

“The Wicked Witch is dead!” I imagine Kutcher shouting before lining up jager shots.

After people viewed the taping of the first episode, everyone is saying, “Ashton brings his own character. He’s not Charlie – not trying to be Charlie.” And then ads, “They’re welcoming Ashton with open arms,” the source tells People.

Not to be outdone, the warlock himself, Charlie Sheen is apparently having a TAHM viewing party. A source says he’s going to screen his Comedy Central Roast and Kutcher’s first episode in a huge blowout party.

And by huge blowout party, he means, twitter updates.

A source says, “Charlie is going to have very mixed feelings about this. Emotionally, he doesn’t want Ashton to save the day and allow the show to continue to be a super hit.”