Ashton Kutcher’s Surprising Steps to Become Steve Jobs

February 1, 2013 By:
Ashton Kutcher’s Surprising Steps to Become Steve Jobs

As the debut of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs nears, the actor seems to be pulling out all the stops to perfectly channel the late Apple industrialist.

Diet: Ashton was apparently so committed to his role as the Silicon Valley mogul that he is eating the same foods that he did…

And, considering Jobs’ diet was one of the most boring menus that ever existed in the history of mankind, that was a major sacrifice.

“For about a month, I only ate fruit and carrot juice," the actor previously told Macworld.

Yes, Steve Jobs was a fruitarian.

Tech Fetish: It’s no secret that the No Strings Attached star has his hands dirty in a a bunch of tech companies.

Ashton has invested in a long list of startups, including (but not limited to) Skype, Foursquare, Path, Flipboard, and—his latest—Airbnb, a service geared toward low budget travelers willing to rent out users’ spare bedrooms.

He even plays a Silicon Valley success story on his role in “Two and a Half Men.”

The actor’s network soars to $140 million.

Appearance: On Twitter, Ashton shared a side-by-side comparison of him as the tech tycoon and the cover photo on Jobs’ biography cover.

The photo has caught plenty of buzz due to how freaky it is.

Obviously, he was cast as Jobs in part for his visual similarities, but seriously… Ashton Kutcher looks more like Steve Jobs than Steve Jobs did.