Ashton Kutcher Quits Twitter After His Controversial Joe Paterno Post

November 10, 2011 By:
Ashton Kutcher Quits Twitter After His Controversial Joe Paterno Post

No more aplusk.

Ashton Kutcher loves Twitter. So it's kind of a big deal that he's threatening to leave it. But after his controversial tweet about Joe Paterno, Ashton's got his tail between his legs and is walking away with his head down.

If you haven't turned on the TV or your computer in a few days, Joe Paterno is the Penn State football coach who was fired amid a child abuse scandal. His former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, allegedly sexually abused eight different boys over a period of fifteen years.

Well, apparently, Ashton Kutcher hasn't turned on the TV or computer in a few days, probably because he's scared of hearing any more Sara Leal interviews, and he had no idea what was going on. Kutcher protested Paterno's firing, writing in a post:

"How do you fire Jo Pa? insult. No class. As a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."

So of course, Twitter went crazy on his ass, calling him an idiot, jerk, etc. One person wrote:

"F-ck you. [Paterno] covered up child rape you sick, geriatric f-ck."

I mean, it's an ironic turn of events for the person who gave a longwinded spiel about gate keeping the truth just a few weeks ago.

After catching up on the actual story, Ashton apologized:

"As an advocate in the fight against child sexual exploitation, I could not be more remorseful for all involved in the Penn St. case." He continued:

"As of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly manage this feed. I feel awful about this error. Won't happen again."

I love how Ashton Kutcher is just a guy who made a mistake on Twitter, but he has spun that into being an "advocate in the fight against child exploitation" who has a "feed" that needs "proper management." It's Twitter, and you're Kelso. End of story.

So anyway, Kutcher deleted the original tweet and then wrote:

“Heard Joe was fired, fully recant previous tweet! Didn’t have full story. #admitwhenYoumakemistakes,”

And also:

"This is an insane story, I just heard paterno was fired, getting the rest of the story now… Wow."

Ashton Kutcher probably also wonders why everyone is so mean to Conrad Murray.