Ashton Kutcher Parties with Tons of Iowa Girls this Weekend

November 30, 2011 By:
Ashton Kutcher Parties with Tons of Iowa Girls this Weekend

Soon to be unmarried Ashton Kutcher went to his hometown of Iowa City, Iowa for the Holidays the weekend and sources tell Us Weekly that Kutcher was partying hard with local Iowa girls.

You would think that after marrying an A-Lister that he would "class up" his taste in women. I mean, first Sarah Leal in a hot tub and now Iowa chicks, nothing against Iowa, but c'mon.

Because I’m sure he wasn’t gonna do Thanksgiving with Demi out in Hollywood, he headed to his hometown for turkey-day and over the weekend he frequented several bars with his entourage.

The day before Thanksgiving he and pals hit up Iowa City bars Bo James and Sports Column and onlookers say he was enjoying himself, especially since all the women in the bar were throwing themselves at him.

“He was drinking beer, and girls kept coming up to him,” says a source, “He loved the attention. Girls were hugging him and shaking his hand.”

How long before one of those chicks comes forward with an “I also slept with Ashton story”?

Then on November 26 he went out in Iowa again to a bar called Summit bar and spent three hours getting drunk while an onlooker said, “he was swarmed by girls. A few tried to convince him to go to a strip club – but he declined!”

Before you hear about his Iowa antics and think to yourself “typical Ashton” think about what you would do if you saw newly single Ashton Kutcher looking all hot and single at your local bar. Ladies, if you ran into Ashton and the phrases “more liquor,” “dream come true” and “this is my one chance, don’t blow it” don’t cross your mind, you aren’t human.

Even though Ashton was acting like a sprung frat boy downing beers in sports bars, he tweeted a photo of himself with a cow and wrote “Country Giving.”

Meanwhile, Demi was at home in LA going on dinner dates with some unknown guy identified as Eric Butterbaugh who is Demi’s florist. Apparently Butterbaugh is the same guy who went on the camping trip in October with Demi and Ashton. I was wondering who that third-wheel guy was.

But don’t worry about Demi possibly having cheated too, according to sources Butterbaugh and Moore “are BFF’s. Totally platonic friends.”

The duo was spotted dining at the Sunset Tower Hotel and a source says that the actress “seemed fine, in a good mood and laughing.” The source also adds that Demi “looked good, and like she was ready to be seen out.”

Well, well, well, everyone seems fine and happy. Ashton is hitting on Iowa chicks in bars and Moore is going to swanky dinners with florists. Big hugs all around.