Ashton Kutcher Paranoid He Might Lose All His Money

August 12, 2009 By:
Ashton Kutcher Paranoid He Might Lose All His Money

Ashton Kutcher has a lot of work on his plate and he probably has millions of dollars in the bank, but he's still paranoid that he might lose it all one day, which is why he doesn't have any lavish spending habits.

“You never know what happens in this business,” he said. “What we do for a living is nonsense. It’s entertainment...I still haven’t bought myself anything special with my earnings.

“I can’t even think what I’ve treated myself to.

“Actually, I haven’t spent anything. I’ve kept it all. Except I gave some to my step dad, who drives needy kids wherever they have to go.

“I love my parents and, look, there’s only a couple of legs — family, work, friends — to stand on. I enjoy what I do, but I have a sensibility about it. I show up, hit my marks, say my words.”

When you're Ashton Kutcher, chances are you don't really need to spend money on anything because everything is usually free. It's so interesting how celebrities get everything from clothes to jewelry to cars for free when they're the ones who can actually afford it.