Ashton Kutcher Offers Marriage Advice

March 28, 2009 By:
Ashton Kutcher Offers Marriage Advice

Ashton Kutcher managed to snag up one of the hottest women in the world--and convinced her to marry him.

He's taken to his twitter to give his fans some expert advice on marriage, using his relationship with Demi Moore as an example.

He writes, "For me it’s about relearning that supporting my wife isn’t about providing $ (money) and home, it’s about supporting her desires, needs and emotions.

"Greatest lesson in my marriage: Don’t try to solve her problems, just listen, love and be supportive. This is the opposite of male nature."

It's sounds pretty simple and he's right on the dot! So take men all over the world take note. And if you snag up your very own Demi, you'll have Ashton to thank.