Ashton Kutcher and Mistress: The Sex Tape Connection

December 3, 2010 By:
Ashton Kutcher and Mistress: The Sex Tape Connection

Ashton Kutcher is absolutely livid that Vivid Entertainment is using his name to promote a porn flick featuring his alleged mistress Brittney Jones.

The attention hungry fame whore is making her adult film debut in Brittney Jones Confidential and the flick has Ashton's name all over it. Ashton's so pissed he's already threatening to sue.

According to TMZ, Ashton's lawyers have fired off a letter to Vivid Entertainment claiming they're specifically pissed over a press release for the video, which says, "Ashton's fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced."

In the legal letter, Ashton's lawyers claim Vivid is infringing on the actor's "marketable celebrity identity value." What does Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch have to say about it all? “We received the letter late this afternoon and I immediately forwarded it to my attorney. We will respond accordingly.“

We all know his name isn't coming off and Vivid is willing to burn any bridge is order to sell tapes. Brittney Jones Confidential hits stores on December 14, just in time for Christmas! LOL.