Ashton Kutcher’s 'Two and a Half Men' Trailer Might Be His Second Home

September 16, 2011 By:
Ashton Kutcher’s 'Two and a Half Men' Trailer Might Be His Second Home

What most of America calls a “home”, Ashton Kutcher calls “wardrobe” and takes up about fifty spots with it on the Warner Bros. lot.

Kutcher’s trailer for Two and a Half Men is so big, the actor says if he gets in a fight with Demi Moore, that’s going to be his doghouse. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t it cute how he has like, a several million dollar trailer and makes jokes about how funny it would be to actually live there, but most of us lives in apartments that are 100 times crappier than some celebrity’s hair and makeup trailer? Sorry, I’m just bitter. Don’t listen to me, that’s the asbestos and lead paint talking.

"If I ever have a fight with Demi I'm staying in the trailer. It's a bit of a castle but I'm running an empire from in there. I forgot to negotiate about a trailer and they said Jon Cryer had bought his own trailer,” Ashton said. Talk about first world problems.

“Then they gave me a tiny trailer and I have a business to run so they said you can go and get your own trailer and then I rented this big one and they said it wouldn't fit on the lot so I asked them to rent a parking spot and now here it is."

What is this business he running? Is it a trailer buying business?

Ashton plays a billionaire on the show, so maybe he’s just getting into character. Kutcher told Conan O’Brien: “Charlie's character is no longer with us and my character is a billionaire. I'm thinking if life imitated art with Charlie and there's a bit of angel dust on the stage and I'm playing a billionaire, I'm hoping to become rich. I mean pixie dust not angel dust!"

Hoping to become rich? Ashton Kutcher’s celebrity net worth is $140 million. Him saying he “hopes” to become rich is like Christina Hendricks saying she hopes she hits puberty someday.

And speaking of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen recently told Matt Lauer he might be guest starring on the show. Huh?!

“Absolutely. If they wanted or needed it or thought that was a good idea, I’d be completely on board for that. There’s your closer. I’ll be in the final episode.”

Sheen added: “Unless I’m really dead. There’s no body at the funeral. There’s no urn. … I’m really curious about what happened to me. I’m not just looking at it just as what they’re doing forward but I’m looking at it as what I left behind and how they’re going to figure it out.”

Charlie Sheen is in denial of his own death.