Ashton Goes Solo and Somber to GQ Event

October 27, 2011 By:
Ashton Goes Solo and Somber to GQ Event

Despite their very public marital woes, Ashton Kutcher steps out to an event solo, but is still wearing his wedding band.

Aggghhh, these two keep sending such mixed messages. First we hear that Demi is meeting with divorce attorneys, then a moving van is spotted outside their home and Demi attends her film's premiere alone. However, Demi is recently spotted in Ashton's trailer on the set of Two and a Half Men but now Ashton is going to events alone but STILL wearing his wedding band. Nothing makes sense in Hollyweird.

Either way, Ashton wasn't his usually outgoing self at the GQ Gentleman's Ball at the Edison Ballroom in NYC last night.

The event honored real men who are striving for the betterment of society through charitable work and even though Ashton is going through a public break-up and cheating scandal, Ashton was overheard saying "nothing would stop him" from coming to this important event.

Ashton was honored for the charity he co-founded with his wife, "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" which fights child prostitution worldwide. Noticeably absent was Demi herself, who attended the event with Ashton last year where they packed on the PDA on the red carpet. This year, Ashton's date was Rabbi Philip Berg, Ashton's spiritual mentor.

And that's what you get for cheating on your wife, you have to walk the red carpet with an old dude named Philip.

Sources tell Us Magazine that although Ashton attended the event he was somber and quiet the entire evening. As the awards ceremony honored Ashton and Demi they played footage of the couple while Ashton watched, looking silent and serious from the audience.

Ashton was quiet for most of the night but when he took the podium to accept his award, his speech was emotional and passionate.

"Our global issues are getting tougher. A lot of the things we're doing we can't talk about, but I can promise you we're fighting and we're going to make a change, so that's a little about what I'm working on," Ashton hints.

Remember when Ashton never took off that stupid trucker hat and was THE eye candy of the early 2000's. The 33-year-old soon to be divorcee has been treading into hot homeless person territory with that shaggy hair and unruly facial hair.

For the remainder of the night he stayed under-the-radar, breaking for smiles only momentarily while Jason Sudeikis stopped by to say hi and again when he removed his beanie to show off his long, shaggy hair to the table.

After the event he was back to being serious. Outside, Ashton and his "date" ran into radio personality Craig Schwartz who asked Ashton how he's doing with "everything that's going on" to which Kutcher responded, "Yeah. Yes. I am doing OK, thanks. Thank you for caring. Thank you for caring, really. It means a lot."