Ashton and Demi Were Going to Kabbalah Counseling? More Details on their Split

September 30, 2011 By:
Ashton and Demi Were Going to Kabbalah Counseling? More Details on their Split

I'm going to call the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore break-up rumors, “Cougar-gate.” Like Anthony Weiner and his Weiner-gate and then the short lived Brad Pitt-calls-Jen-Anniston-dull, which was dubbed “Commentgate,” I’m calling the Ashton and Demi drama Cougargate.

So in more Cougargate news, it seems the two really are calling it quits on their 6 years of marriage.

Last night, a source close to Demi told Entertainment Tonight that Demi is “sad, hurt and embarrassed” by the scandal.

The source also adds that “her and Ashton had been receiving counseling from Kabbalah over the summer to try to fix their marriage.” Apparently it didn't work so well, the two have been living apart for some time now.

This is just the cherry-on-top of a whole list of other reasons why they probably are getting a divorce.

First Star magazine broke the news earlier this week that they were splitting up, but just like the Jada Pinkett and Will Smith divorce rumors, everyone momentarily gasped, skimmed the headlines and then forgot about it minutes later.

But then, Hark! There was evidence that Ashton was cheating while they spent their 6th year wedding anniversary on separate coasts.

Ashton was boozing it up, poppin' bottles and rocking out with his d-ck out at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego last Friday night, September 23. He then reportedly had a one-night stand with some 23-year-old blonde chick named Sarah Leal.

This girl is now asking for $250,000 for her “One night in San Diego” story. This Sarah girl has also hired an attorney to milk every last penny out of this one-night-stand, because that’s how Hollywood does affairs. The girl has also gone into hiding.

Then, at about the same time that Ashton was boning random blondies in So Cal, Demi was in New York promoting her Lifetime channel movie and tweeting weepy emo sh-t like this, “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger. – Epictetus”

I hope that tweet isn’t suggesting it’s DEMI’s own fault that Ashton cheated. Naw, it’s just your vagina’s fault. It’s almost 50 years old! C’mon, he’s 33, you do the math. Kidding.

Then Demi, who usually tweets bikini photos of herself tweeted a photo of herself with her eyes closed and the message, “I can see through you.”

And then Ashton tweeted a link to his spotify music account which was playing the song, “Don’t Believe The Hype.” All this emo social networking was beginning to become too much.

However, this is not the first time Ashton was alleged to be cheating. Star magazine broke last year that he was cheating on Demi with some random 21-year-old, but Ashton and Demi denied the allegations and their legal team was very adamant about concluding that Star magazine was publishing lies.

This time around in Cougargate news, neither party has tried to deny the rumors, which is very telling and proves that the cheating rumors might be true this time.