Photog Breaks Into Ashley Tisdale's House

October 13, 2008 By:
Photog Breaks Into Ashley Tisdale's House

Talk about being invasive! Ashley Tisdale had to call the cops on a paparazzi after the snapper broke into her house to get exclusive video footage.

She tells Access Hollywood, "They broke in, they came into my home before. They don't want middle America to know this is what they do to try and get pictures. The police were there and they (told me), you could say it's a robbery. I've never seen the guy again, but they go to an extreme for pictures."

She added, "I wish they had badges. It could be a random stalker. They're like 40-year-old men following us girls around."

That's some freaky stuff! We can only imagine how scary it would be finding some 40 year-old man with a camera breaking into your house. These paps are only going to get worse unless police put some restrictions on photogs and the companies that hire them.