Dating Tips From Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron

April 8, 2011 By:
Dating Tips From Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron

Want to date Zac Efron? How about Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens? Bad news is Ashley is taken, good news is Zac and Vanessa are on the market.

But to snag up a hot young star, you need some serious dating tips. And who better to give them to you than Zac and Vanessa's BFF Ashley Tisdale?

Hollyscoop caught up with Ashley at 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' red carpet reception on Wednesday where she shared her best dating tips with us.

"I definitely feel like I'm not very good at the game, so I tend to, if I'm kind of flirting with somebody and they're flirting back, and then it's like a week now and we haven't really gotten anywhere, I kind of just like go in there and I'm like, listen, this is how I feel," an assertive Ashley confessed to Hollyscoop.

She added, "I think you have to be blunt about things, you know the worst that can happen is that they say, 'I'm not really feeling the same way' and then it's just like well then we weren't meant to be. So it just kind of works out perfectly, you just cut to the chase, you get there and you say listen, 'are we supposed to be together or not?'"

Not bad Ashley! Assertive and straight to the point. Cut the BS.

But her friend Zac Efron isn't as great at dishing out dating advice. "I think there's a lot of great qualities about Sharpay, she's ambitious, her sense of fashion and comedy. But she's not necessarily my type," he told Hollyscoop.

"The one thing I would want to tell you about is that the movie is incredible and she does such a great job in the film. It's really special, really special."

So how does one date you again? Come on Zac, you gotta give us more than that! Based on his dating history I'd say, hot young thang with a huge career and a killer body. Yup, sounds about right. I'll get you one day Zac!