Ashley Tisdale's Topless Photo Shoot

April 9, 2013 By:
Ashley Tisdale's Topless Photo Shoot
Image By: Maxim Magazine

Between Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens' scantily clad turn in Spring Breakers and Amanda Bynes' Twitter account, someone was feeling left out on all the good-girl-gone-bad fun.

Enter a topless Ashley Tisdale.

The 27-year-old strips down for the cover of a magazine: Maxim, the Tiger Beat of Playboy.

On the May issue, the former "High School Musical" star graduates from mid-aughts cookie-cutter clothing on sale at Target to, well, practically nothing.

Set on a beach, Ashley lets down her dirty blonde hair wearing only a leather jacket with nothing underneath. Her pose is very cheeky, very coy, very "do u like my sexi leather jacket?" as if the leather jacket was what everyone's supposed to be looking at.

It's a stretch to call them "shorts," but whatever that piece of fabric is, Ashley pulls down on it suggestively, as if she were auditioning for Spring Breakers 2: Still Breakin'.

In the accompanying editorial, the Scary Movie 5 actress dishes on the craziest thing that's ever happened to her fanwise: “Once I Instagrammed a picture of me waking up, and the next day this older gentleman came to my parents’ house saying he wasn’t going to leave 'til he saw me. I was like, maybe I shouldn’t have taken a picture of me in bed?”

Well, after this exposed cover, something tells us there's already a line forming around the block.