Ashley Tisdale on Getting Cozy With Zac Efron: We're Just Friends

July 5, 2011 By:
Ashley Tisdale on Getting Cozy With Zac Efron: We're Just Friends

Nope, just some totally innocent dry humping. At her 26th birthday party, Ashley Tisdale and High School Musical costar Zac Efron were photographed looking a little bit more than just friends. Or, as Tisdale has claimed, siblings.

Efron split with Ashley’s close friend, Vanessa Hudgens, in December of last year after the couple dated for four years. Incidentally, Hudgens was not present at the soiree, although the two remain amicable.

In the photos, Zac gives Tisdale a piggyback ride, a piggyfront ride, and kisses her neck. Tisdale dispelled the dating rumors via Twitter, writing:
"Don't believe all pictures...I had such a great birthday party with my friends, Family, and BOYFRIEND Scott. I will not let stupid rumors ruin all the fun we had! Xoxo"

Tisdale then Tweeted a photo of her and her boyfriend embracing, as if that's supposed to erase our memories of the borderline pornographic photos of her and Efron. Nice try, Ashley, but I'm pretty sure sperm banks are now using the photos of you and Zac to "extract donor samples".

Tisdale Tweeted of Zac’s arrival to her Malibu beach party: "So happy zacary made it to my party!!! He's my brother/best friend!!!"”

Let this be a lesson, guys. If you want to get laid, just tell a chick you’re related to her.