Ashley Tisdale Breaks Up With Boyfriend Scott Speer

December 15, 2011 By:
Ashley Tisdale Breaks Up With Boyfriend Scott Speer

Oh no, Disney starlet Ashley Tisdale has broken up with her boyfriend of two years Scott Speer. Wait, TWO-YEARS?! In Hollywood!?

Two years is the same time that the average celebrity couple already has a baby together and signed leases on bi-coastal Manhattan and Los Angeles apartments. Oh well.

Tisdale and her music video director boyfriend Scott Speer called it quits after they started dating in 2009.

They met because Scott directed three music videos for Ashley Tisdale back in 2007, but it took them two years to finally get together. Whatever took them so long to get together, oh right, Ashley had a boyfriend.

She was dating musician Jared Murillo at the time. Murillo and Tisdale broke up in early 2009 because Murillo was in a boy band called V Factory and was reportedly "too busy" to continue dating Tisdale, but have you ever heard of V Factor? So not too busy at all, really.

Then Ash hooked up with her music video director and it was totally fine for two years, until a source hinted to US Weekly that they had been "on and off for a while" before finally deciding to end their relationship.

"They tried to work it out but realized their relationship ran its course," adds the source.

Tisdale has been tweeting up a storm post-split and wrote, "What goes around comes back around." So cryptic, so emo, who does she think she is, Demi Moore?

She also wrote, "So happy to have amazing friends in my life!" Yeah, slumber parties and wine coolers to get over that break-up girl!