Wynonna and Naomi Discuss Ashley Judd's Memoir

April 8, 2011 By:
Wynonna and Naomi Discuss Ashley Judd's Memoir

The Judds have been through so much, it's no wonder 2/3 of them country singers. After actress Ashley Judd recently opened up about her sexual abuse in her memoir, sister Wynonna and mom Naomi were reportedly up in arms.

But that's not so, they said on Thursday's episode of The View. Wynonna said of the rumors: "People are trying to pit us against each other. We agree to disagree in this family."

Naomi added, "I support Ashley. We all have three different realities of the same car ride of the nightmares we were in, it's her turn to tell her side of the story."

Both Naomi and Wynonna have revealed that they were sexual abused at a young age, and Naomi said that was actually her very first memory.

Wynonna is in talks to write her own memoir, Coming Home to Myself.

“The Judds” premieres April 10 on Oprah’s OWN network.

After the jump, watch Wynonna and Naomi’s Thursday interview on “The View,” as well as Ashley’s on Wednesday.