Ashley Judd Celebrates Husband's Indy 500 Victory

May 29, 2012 By:
Ashley Judd Celebrates Husband's Indy 500 Victory

Dario Franchitti is learning that if you’re married to a celeb, you’ve got to go halfsies on the headlines when you win a race.

Ashley Judd’s husband took home a trophy for crossing the finish line first during Sunday’s Indianapolis 500. The victory marks the Nascar star’s third win of the annual 500-mile race.

Along with posing for photos with the trophy, Judd has been making all sorts of noise on Twitter.

“Is there ANYTHING MORE EXCITING THAN THIS?!?!?!” Judd tweeted just before Franchitti crossed the finish line.

Yeah, how about winning!

Franchitti scored the win after an exciting final few laps where several drivers fought for the lead. A fellow competitor, Takuma Sato of Japan even spun out and crashed into a wall in a move to pull ahead.

The race was dedicated to Dan Wheldon, Franchitti’s friend and fellow racer who died in a multicar crash in October 2011.

In addition to offering lap-by-lap commentary on Twitter, Judd has been busy posting plenty of photos of her and her family knee-deep in celebration afterwards.

In one shot, Franchitti’s helmet and ceremonial champion’s wreath are seen on top his open-wheeled Target car. In another, Judd and her hubby pose with the trophy and automotive icon Borg Warner.

In yet another, Judd sweats in the stands… chugging milk? Whatever… champions can do whatever they want!

Judd then thanked all her fans and all the fans she inherited from her husband.

“Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes & congratulations,” said Judd. “Your enthusiasm in celebrating w/ @dariofranchitti has made it even more special!”