Video: 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Hands Out First Rose, Visits Jimmy Kimmel

May 24, 2011 By:
Video: 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Hands Out First Rose, Visits Jimmy Kimmel

Unless you were living under a rock, you know the Bachelorette premiered last night. After being eliminated on last season's "Bachelor" with Brad Womack because she was so insecure, Ashley Hebert is getting her chance at love this season.

“I'm going to do it regrets,” she insisted.

She got to choose from a pool of 25 men, most of which were either really creepy or really cute. My favorite was the creepy mask guy Jeff. He said he arrived in a mask because he wanted to take his “face out of the game.” Riiight, that sounds promising.

Ames is a finance guy from NYC. Went to Yale for undergrad, Columbia for two masters and Harvard for his doctorate. You would think he has enough going for him and doesn’t need his 15 minutes on a reality show, but I guess not.

Another guy named Ben gave her a bracelet made out of dental floss, which would have been adorable if say, he was five years old. But at his age, it’s just weird.

Tim got wasted and passed out on the couch so he's a lost cause. And who else got a rose? How about the lawyer who tried to swoon her by speaking French? He told Ashley that if she keeps him around long enough, she’ll find out why he speaks French. Can we get some crackers for that cheese? Then there was Constantine, the restaurant owner who tied floss around her finger so she would remember him “as the one that tied floss around her finger.” Totally normal.

And finally, Ryan P. caught Ashley's attention immediately. Ryan got the first rose of the night because she wanted “to faint” as soon as she saw him.

Ashley seems like a bit of a pushover, so I don’t see her actually getting a successful relationship out of the show, but you never know. Meanwhile, she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel after the season premiere last night to talk about the show. Check it out below…