The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Engaged to Winner

June 15, 2011 By:
The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Engaged to Winner

Although every season of The Bachelorette is supposed to end with an engagement ring, it's always a surprise each season finale if that will actually happen.

Almost half the seasons of The Bachelor end with the Bachelor not actually proposing but just giving a rose that promises the couple will continue to date before they inevitably break up months later. During Brad Womack's first stint on The Bachelor in 2007, he rejected both finalists and didn't propose to anybody.

So to hear that current Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is actually engaged and happy about it is actually quite shocking.

“Ashley's elated,” an insider reveals to Life&Style, “She's engaged to the winner and is now wearing her engagement ring.”

The season finale was filmed on May 13, it's almost a month later and the couple is actually still together which is pretty big news as very few winners of this show last for long after the rose ceremony.

Rumors are that the rose ceremony winner and future Mr. Ashley Hebert is fan favorite, JP Rosenbaum. This is also not a surprise to anyone with access to wikipedia. However, Ashley and her fiancé have to keep their relationship confidential until the August season finale airs. They can only see each other during secret rendezvous set up by ABC.

As soon as you finish reading this story the engagement will have already been called off and ABC is starting production on the next season of The Bachelor, starring Ashley Hebert's ex fiancé.