'Twilight' Actress Ashley Greene is Rude to Co-Stars

January 1, 2012 By:
'Twilight' Actress Ashley Greene is Rude to Co-Stars

Actress Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight films (the chick that ISN’T Kristen Stewart, yeah, THAT ONE) has been appearing in a few episodes of ABC’s new drama “Pan Am” and her TV co-stars are reporting that she’s a total mean girl on set.

“Ashley came rolling on to the set acting like a queen bee,” an insider said.

Does she not remember that she literally has like 5 lines of dialogue in all the Twilight films, total?

“She was stuck-up with the crew and acted like appearing on TV amounted to slumming. She referred to herself as a ‘real movie star,’ and said she was sure her guest stint would boost ratings,” adds the source.

Awww, she thinks Twilight is a “real movie.” Silly girl, Twilight is soft-core vampire snuff for kids not old enough to see movies with R-ratings.

The source also says that they organized a welcome lunch for the “movie star” but she blew them off and refused to socialize with Christina Ricci, who is actually a “movie star.”

Had she hung out with Christina Ricci, I’m sure they would have had A LOT in common.

Christina Ricci: Nice to meet you. I’m Christina Ricci…the MOVIE STAR.
Ashley Greene: Oh me too.
Ricci: You what?
Greene: I’m a movie star also.
Ricci: Are you sure about that?
Green: Uhmm duh, I stood next to Robert Pattinson during the Ellen Degneres interview. I appeared in a scene with someone who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! My face is on the cover of a kids book! Does this mean nothing to you?!