Ashley Greene: My Family Has To Give Me A Reality Check

August 24, 2012 By:
Ashley Greene: My Family Has To Give Me A Reality Check

When you’re one of the vampire stars of The Twilight Saga, you’re basically one of the most sought after individuals in Hollywood.

Even if you aren’t Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, being in Twilight means a steady stream of girlish screams at every premiere and bizarre “bite me” requests.

For Twilight star Ashley Greene she says a strong family base is the only way to keep your growing vampire ego in check.

“Having a solid foundation and a solid friend and family base is very important for me because they kind of keep me down to earth, at least I hope so!” Ashley tells Hollyscoop at The Apparition premiere Thursday night.

“They kind of reality check me sometimes,” says Ashley, “I think that you need that because this is such an exciting, fun, and grand career choice to have, but I think the lines get blurred a little bit, so I think its important to have people to bring you back down.”

But Ashley’s Hollywood life hasn’t always been red carpets, paparazzi cameras, and gorgeous gowns. She had a rough start, fashionably speaking.

“I think when I first started, I wore an actual bag on the red carpet, [instead of a clutch], and I didn’t realize that’s not something you’re supposed to do in the fashion world,” Ashley tells Hollyscoop.

“There was a time where I listened to other people rather than my self and didn’t quite know what I wanted and what looks good, and when you kind of allow other people to dress you, rather than being involved, it shows on the carpet. You’re not quite as comfortable and confident."

Now she’s the face of DKNY, looks fabulous all the time, and stars in one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2012. It’s good to be Ashley Greene.