Papa Joe Trying to Cash In on Ashlee's Pregnancy

April 17, 2008 By:
Papa Joe Trying to Cash In on Ashlee's Pregnancy

Surprise, surprise, creepy Papa Joe is trying to bank off his daughter Ashlee's pregnancy. Word around town is that Joe has given Ashlee and Pete specific instructions that they are not allowed to confirm nor deny the pregnancy so he can sell the story to the tabloids.

"Joe is contacting all the weeklies and asking them to pony up $1 million to put Ashlee on the cover," a magazine source told the New York Post.

"The deal would include photos of Ashlee - taken by Joe, of course, so he can make more money - an interview and photos of the baby when she has it," said the source.

Only problem is that Ashlee isn't worth $1 million dollars, she barely sells magazine because she's a big bore. One magazine editor said the pictures would fetch "$60,000 maybe - but definitely not a million. The timing is a little suspicious. Her album ['Bittersweet World'] is dropping next week, and there was little to no interest until now. Ashlee's lucky she got pregnant, frankly."

"Joe has an unrealistic expectation of what Ashlee can command," the editor added.

What's next? Pimping out his daughters on Hollywood Blvd? It’s hard to believe he used to be a Baptist minister. And what's with him always wanting to take pictures of his daughters himself? Creeeeepy!