No Takers for Ashlee's Baby's Photos

December 11, 2008 By:
No Takers for Ashlee's Baby's Photos

When Ashlee Simpson first announced her pregnancy, her father Joe's eyes probably lit up thinking about how much money he was going to make selling off her wedding and first baby photos. Yes, he's that kind of father.

Unfortunately for Joe--and Ashlee and Pete Wentz--no one wants to pay for photos of the couple's first child, Bronx Mowgli, because "covers of them tend not to sell well."

Page Six is reporting that the couple has tried their best to shop around for a good deal but there are no takers. "Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them. Covers of them tend not to sell well."

Hey, there's always the paparazzi, we're sure Joe has a few of them on speed dial. They can just cut a deal with the pap that takes the first photo for half the profit. Sounds absurd but you would be surprised how many celebrities do this.