Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Her Second Baby?

May 15, 2009 By:
Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Her Second Baby?

Ashlee Simpson is reportedly pregnant again! According to Star magazine, Ash is “just a few weeks along, and is beyond thrilled.”

The magazine says Ashlee was trying to keep the news secret for two more months before spilling the beans to the press. But everyone know there are no secrets in Hollywood!

But while Ashlee is excited about her new addition, her husband Pete Wentz is apparently having second thoughts. A source tells Star, "He loves Ash and Bronx. But he also loves his freedom. He thinks a second kid could change things for the worse. He doesn't want to be tied down and stuck at home all the time."

On the other hand, Ashlee is hoping baby #2 will be the glue that sticks the family together once and for all. The source says, “She loves Pete and wants to hang on to him. She believes this second baby will really clinch the deal.”

Neither Ashlee nor Pete’s reps have made a comment on the news. We wish her the best if it’s true! We’re officially on baby bump watch for Ash!