Ashlee Simpson Moves in with Jessica

February 14, 2011 By:
Ashlee Simpson Moves in with Jessica

A source tells In Touch Weekly that Ashlee Simpson has decided to move in with sister Jessica while she recovers from her divorce from Pete Wentz.

I’m guessing the source is Jessica’s fiancé Eric Johnson, who probably called to complain about trying to bang his future wife while having Ashlee walk in the room crying with a tub of Rocky Road asking if she can get in bed with them and talk about “what went wrong.”

The source tells In Touch, “Leaving Pete was tough for Ashlee and she needed to be with her family. Jessica told her she and Bronx were welcome to stay with them until she was ready to find a place of her own.”

Good for you, Jessica, you’re a good sister. If it were me, I’d move my sis to the basement and turn up my iTunes to drown out the sounds of her weeping. I’ve never been big on family.