Artist Of The Week: Sean Gaiser

August 23, 2006 By:
Artist Of The Week: Sean Gaiser

We have been swarmed with emails about this weeks “Artist Of The Week” and wanted to introduce you all to Sean Gaiser. Sean is a guy with a guitar who sorts his life by writing tunes. As the front man for the Washington DC based band, Kenin, Sean has graced the stages of many of America’s most respected rock clubs, most notably as a regular at DC’s 9:30 Club. In an April 2005 review of Kenin’s recent release “Just Another Blast,” The Washington Post applauded Sean on his songwriting and vocal style. Currently, Kenin is preparing for a new studio album set to be released in Fall 2006 with the help of producer Chris Keup (Jason Mraz, Jonathan Rice). For more information on Kenin, check out

In addition to all things Kenin, Sean is excited to announce the launch of his solo career by releasing “Sean Gaiser: Good Luck, Be Brave” in June 2006. With Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” as a working model, producer Marc Copely and Sean set out to record this set of tunes just days after Sean returned home from a trip to London that inspired the majority of the material. “These songs came to me really quickly in London, and they all reflect a sense of emotional urgency,” Sean says. “I wanted to make sure that I captured that desperation when I recorded them, so I hit the studio just days after I came up with the melodies.” Cut live in 12 hours over the course of 2 days, “Good Luck, Be Brave” reflects the raw sensibility that Sean had set out to achieve with just his voice and a Santa Cruz guitar that he borrowed from his father. The record is a testament to the idea that some stories are best told by one man and one acoustic guitar.

When hearing Sean’s music you can’t ignore his emotions that are poured into his beats and lyrics. One of our favorite songs off the album is “San Antonio” along with “Take Me Home”. To hear Sean Gaiser’s music along with information about tour dates log on to or click here. Just remember when you hear Sean’s name climbing the top of the charts, you heard him here first!

Special thanks to Ruthie for bringing this talented artist to our attention!