Artist of the Week: Pretty Tony

December 1, 2006 By:
Artist of the Week: Pretty Tony

You know the feeling you get when you discover a new artist and you won’t rest until you have all your friends obsessed with his music? That’s exactly what happened when a friend of mine introduced me to Pretty Tony’s music. I was so taken by his lyrics and music that I had to get in touch with him in person.

Pretty Tony’s new upcoming album “A Spot That I Can Lock” has a soulful sound similar to Lenny Kravitz with a Ying Yang Twins twist to it. This young star has been rapping since he was a little kid, but he finally picked up his first guitar at the age of 15; and his desire to make music replaced his need to hang out with the troubled kids in his neighborhood.

My favorite song on his upcoming album was “Magnolia Mudd,” he creates a soulful sound of his own with acoustic guitars, solid rhythms, and layered harmonies. Check out his official website to take a listen for yourself.

When I asked what and who influenced him, he simply said “God and Stevie Wonder” He’s already worked with some of the most influential producers in the music industry, including Jay Z, Clive Davis, he even worked with Ruben Studdard on his debut album. Expect this young star to be in the likes of Jay Z and J. Prince in a few years, and remember you read about him here first! Don’t forget to check out Pretty Tony’s Pretty Tony’s official myspace.