Artist Of The Week: Michael M

June 20, 2006 By:
Artist Of The Week: Michael M

Can you hear “The Beat”? Ever since we heard it, the beats won’t get out of our head. That’s the aftermath of hearing the tunes of our Hollyscoop artist of the week Michael M and his latest single “The Beat”. The rhythm is sure to make you get up on your feet and move to the groove. This single is making airways all over the radio and making its way all over the club scene. This single flows like the next chapter in Michael’s auto-biographical disco diary. The beats are definitely "Catchy" and downright "Infectious". This surely is a hit in our book!

Michael’s latest work features a variety of mixes which include the ultra-hot Da Freeks fusion of House, Electro and Rock with a classic MJ guitar riff which is sure to be a crowd pleaser for any room. On the Tribal side, Trendroid covers all the bases with a sub-woofer punishing, dark, percussive big-room mix. For the radio and mix-show jocks, there's also a variety of alternate mixes guaranteed to please pop, electro and house music followers.

Michael was born on August 14, 1974 in Washington Heights, New York to a family of Cuban descendents. At an early age, Michael couldn’t deny his love for disco, especially his favorite band KC and the Sunshine Band. Michael played the tune “That's the way I like it” so many times that his mother had to hide his record. At age 6, Michael moved to Miami where he was influenced by the Latin, disco, and dance sounds. At 14, Michael recorded, wrote and performed his first song. Michael met his producer Giuseppe D at Danceteria in New York and instantly became involved with house music. Michael recorded his first album “Under the moniker Androgeny” which was released on Strictly Rhythm Records. It instantly became a huge underground hit. It was featured in 2 motion pictures and the lyrics were used to open a chapter in a book.

Michael’s last single “Dear Diary” was a big hit in the club circuit and a controversy as well. The South Park inspired music video caused a stir when it featured Michael and certain celebrities being naughty. To check out the video Click Here.

Michael M has performed from all over the country and I am sure you will be hearing more of this talented artist. To get more information about Michael and to hear his latest single, you can log on to or Click Here. Don’t be surprised if you can’t get
”The Beat” out of your head.