"Artist of the Week" Joanna

November 15, 2006 By:

This week our “Artist of the Week” is the pretty lady we saw in concert last week. Joanna was the opening act for Nick Lachey during his tour. Joanna will touch you with This Crazy Life, an insightful collection of pop gems that showcase her incredible vocal ability. Whether soaring through independence anthems like the first single "Let It Slide," bearing all on emotional ballads like "Miracle," or even stirring soulful rock on "Tip Toe," the main thing that knocks you out is Joanna's powerful voice. I want to reiterate the powerful voice part, because oh boy does she have a powerful voice!

This young beauty first started entertaining folks as a blue-collar kid growing up in
Philly. "I'd sing for the customers in my father's barbershop, and they'd give me tips - then I'd go down to the corner store for candy," she recalls. The young girl with the powerhouse pipes soon began branching out from a local TV talent show to big-time Broadway auditions. She landed roles with a number of musical productions and, after 106 performances of the 20th anniversary national tour of "Annie," Joanna was bound to take the show back to the Great White Way. That, unfortunately never came to fruition as Joanna came down with bronchitis and the show went on without her ensuing a media blitz of attention and support. This only made Joanna stronger and she decided to focus on her music.

What we really liked about Joanna was the fact that you can tell she is a really strong woman! "Knock me down, it makes me want to get up and soar higher. I realized I
wanted to do my own music, but first I had to define who I was," she says.

If you want more info about Joanna you can visit her Myspace Page.