Artist of the Week: Gayle Force Wind

November 4, 2006 By:
Artist of the Week: Gayle Force Wind

This weeks Hollyscoop “Artist Of The Week” is a hot new band that goes by the name of Gayle Force Wind. This Alternative Rock band is causing quite a stir in their hometown of Zanesville, Ohio.

The four piece band is consists of a female vocalist Gayle Gardner, who also plays the Acoustic Guitar; Matt Hutchins, who rocks the the Electric Guitar; Ed Rogers, who works it on the Bass, and Scott Hillis, who can be found on the Drums.

In 2002, Gayle & Matt started working together on original projects. Two years later Scott & Ed joined the band to form Gayle Force Wind (GFW).

Their music has a lot of energy and give alternative a new name with the edge and softness of Gayles vocals making a unique sense of music. Their debut album "Storm" was released in September 2006 and is causing a storm itself.
Look out for their hit tracks “Fade Away” and our favorite “Storm”.

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