Artist of the Week: Cozy Flashbak

October 25, 2006 By:
Artist of the Week: Cozy Flashbak

This weeks Hollyscoop “Artist of the week” will give you cozy flashbacks of familiar music that date back to the 60’s when the Beatles reined the charts. They are the Cozy Flashbak and are causing a musical frenzy straight from the UK.

The group consist of Mike who is the one whose look immediately tells you that you’re listening to Cozy Flashbak, with floppy hat and shoulder length curls. This is his, and the bands trademark. Liam is the writer, the casual one who pens the skeleton of a track before they both add the finishing touch musically. To look at they first appear to be extreme opposites,however once you hear their music, it blends magically.

The duo have been together for just over a year now, and have made sure they are well-versed with the technical side of music production too. “It’s all well and good gigging three or four times a week…” says Liam, “…but we feel it’s important to know the inside-out of producing as well as playing, experimenting with sounds and learning about the equipment is all part of the process, we’re not just singers.

This powerful musical force have great vocal, vibe and energy throughout their music. Although there is great contrast in their voices, the combination creates a magnificent harmonious tune as you can hear in their great hit Here are There. Its obvious that these two are not afraid to experiment their music into what is now becoming known as Cozy Flashbak phenomenon. One of my favorite hits from this new band is Whats It Gonna Take.

Their passionate delivery, great Acoustic sound will definitely stick to you. With influences from The Who, The Beatles and Specials, it’s all there in their music and the guys have their sets highly polished with their own take on the genre.

To get more information about this hot band Click Here and you can hear their great hits such as Up to You or Stuck In A Hole. Just remember you heard Cozy Flashbak here first!

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