Artist Of The Week: Capital Z

September 2, 2006 By:
Artist Of The Week: Capital Z

Every week, the Hollyscoop gals go through lists of artists from all types of music and after long deliberation we choose our weekly HollyscoopArtist Of The Week”. This week’s artist is a young, talented and innovative rapper from our hometown of Los Angeles and he goes by the name of Capital Z.

Zareh Zatikyan a.k.a Capital Z emigrated from Armenian at the age of one. In the late 90’s this rising star emerged as one of the best emcees in Los Angeles. Capital Z joined forces with his good friend A. Chilla to produce and create sounds that are unlike all others. When you hear Z’s music you can’t ignore the content mixed with his harmonious beats.

After creating a buzz locally with his first mix-tape, "The Stranger Mixtape", Z will be releasing his second piece of work, entitled "Unsigned Hero.". Capial Z’s music reveals all of his life’s hardships and pain in songs such as “Days Of Our Lives” and “Bullshit”. In August of 2003, Z lost two of his close friends, including his best friend of 14 years. This incident which bared a scar in his life later reflected his music. Two years later Z released "Forever Young." produced by Humbl' Sohl. The song became popular in his community and touched thousands of people feeling his grief. Capital expresses: "I never planned for the song to be popular, I just heard the track and wanted to do a dedication to him, but it blew up."

Coming from a background of political activists and the son of a community activist, Z has always felt the responsibility to teach and be positive for the younger generation. To hear Z’s music CLICK HERE. Don’t forget you heard about Z here first!

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