Timbaland Behind Bars

June 11, 2007 By:
Timbaland Behind Bars

Producer Timbaland spent an hour behind bars in Germany early this morning after a violent bar fight.

He was temporarily held in custody in Cologne after a fight in the city landed a 29-year-old Croatian man in the hospital with injuries to his rib cage and multiple bruises.

Cologne police spokesperson Juergen Goebel says eye witnesses confirmed a heated argument between Timbaland and an unidentified man in the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel at 11:30pm last night.

After a heated argument inside the bar, they basically went outside for a beat down. Members of Timbalands entourage also joined the brawl and gave the guy a bad beating.

Apparently the fight began when Timbaland started flirting with the other man's girlfriend. After a few racial slurs, Timbaland got heated and they took it outside.

Timbaland was held in custody for about an one hour, but was later released.