Redmond O'Neal Arrested for Drug Possession

April 6, 2009 By:
Redmond O'Neal Arrested for Drug Possession

Redmond O'Neal, the troubled son of Ryan O'Neal and actress Farrah Fawcett was arrested Sunday morning for possession of narcotics and for bringing narcotics into a jail facility, Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore confirms.

"At about 9:30 a.m., our deputies did a routine security check on a car in the parking lot of one of our jails," Whitmore says. "Redmond was driving the vehicle, and admitted to deputies he was in possession of drugs."

Redmond was accompanied by a friend "who wanted to visit someone," said Whitmore, who added that his friend was allegedly planning on passing narcotics to an inmate. And since the parking lot is considered part of the jail, he was caught and arrested.

As you may recall Redmond was kicked out of a court-ordered rehab facility in Venice last week. He had been staying at the Clearview Treatment Center but they kicked him to the curb at on April 2nd, for what’s called a “dirty test.”

He's now back in policy custody and is being held on $25,000 bail. A court hearing for this latest arrest has been set for April 7. His parents should just leave him in prison and let him learn his lesson. We hope he battles his demons, because at this point this kid is a mess!

Radar Online reports that sources close to the situation say that Redmond, 24, had heroin and xanax on him.