Deion Sanders and Wife Cited In Fight

April 25, 2012 By:
Deion Sanders and Wife Cited In Fight

Former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders is making all sorts of headlines after a domestic disturbance ended in citations all around.

Sanders, his estranged wife Pilar, and the wife’s female friend were all handed Class C misdemeanor citations by Dallas police after an incident at his home on Monday night.

According to a tweet from the Football Hall of Famer, his children “"witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She's going to jail [and] I'm pressing charges!"

Disregarding the issue at hand of the trauma the children likely experienced, we can only imagine the embarrassment Sanders experienced as a man who made his name dodging multiple 300-pound linebackers when he was taken down by his 120-pound wife and her friend.

Really, Deion? You didn’t have a shoulder tuck or a spin move you could throw at them?

Only Pilar spent the night in jail. She emerged on Tuesday to throw a spontaneous pity party.

“I’m a full-time mom, 100 percent for my children. And I just haven’t been given a fair shake,” Pilar told reporters.

When questioned as to why only the wife was placed under arrest, police had little to add.

“Based on [the responding officer’s] judgment and experience, and seeing the lay of the land, he decided it was prudent for her to be detained, and that’s completely at the discretion of the officer,” police spokesman Celso Martinez told the Washington Post.

Aka: “The responding officer was a huge Cowboys fan and Deion promised his a sweet autograph.”?

Sanders was granted an emergency protective order, forbidding Pilar from returning to the house for 60 days, a charge unusual for such a low level offense.

“Strength is not only based on what u can lift, push, pull, press, carry, hold or squat,” Sanders later tweeted. “Its also measured by WHAT U CAN WALK AWAY FROM! Truth.’’

Yeah, okay. But you still got tackled by two girls.