Crazy Stalkers On The Loose

March 29, 2007 By:
Crazy Stalkers On The Loose

What’s with all these crazy stalkers? First,
Hilary Duff and now Michelle Branch. The singer
recognized an audience member and had him arrested
because he has been "allegedly been stalking"

When Branch took the stage to perform at the Stefanie
H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts she froze up
and urged security to remove the 32 year old stalker.
Naturally, being the crazy stalker he is, he attempted
to run away but cops quickly grabed him and arrested
him for disorderly conduct.

Dominick Giordano has been following her around the
country since 2003
even sending her letters and
videos. Wow this reminds me of Whitney Houston’s “The

In the police report, it says that Giordano has
previously "managed to lie his way backstage" at
Branch's concerts, "sneak into after-concert parties"
and also "allegedly lunged at Ms. Branch during an
autograph signing event."