Bobby Brown Arrested!

February 26, 2007 By:
Bobby Brown Arrested!

Bobby Brown was arrested on Sunday in Massachusetts at his daughters school for failure to appear in court and pay child
support fines.

"He was picked up last night outside his daughter's cheerleading competition" at her high school, the clerk of Norfolk Probate
Court in Canton, Mass., told People. "He went very cooperatively. According to the constable, no one was really around."

At least no one was around, that
would be really embarrassing for a child. She'd be the laughing stock of the school for the rest of the school year. I hope her classmates don't read blogs.

Brown owes money to his former girlfriend Kim Ward, who lives in
Massachusetts and with whom he has two teenage children: LaPrincia and
Bobby III.

"Yes, it is true. He was arrested yesterday in Boston for late child
support payments," Brown's publicist, Phaedra Parks, told PEOPLE on
Monday. "We are bringing those payments current right now as we speak."